A Day on Lake Huron

Sunday was a gorgeous day. Since nice weather has been hit or miss lately we decided to go for a boat ride from Bay City to Tawas City. It was such a beautiful day out. Right when we launched the boat we ran into the USS Edson (DD-946)


You can actually go through the ship now. Someday we will have to board the ship and check it out. Half way out to Saginaw Bay we also saw some dredging going on.


This was more interesting watching the process than the picture represents. A few miles out from the dredging we ran into the Appledore Tall Ship. It is so beautiful to see in full sail.


So we had excellent weather on the the way to Tawas City, Mi. We missed the Formula boat races by 1/2 hour. Bummer! But we did get to see and hear one running. Very loud but very cool. Here is one that was still in Tawas Harbor.

DSC_0552 DSC_0548

So we were starving after that 2 hour trip from Bay City to Tawas ride. Went up to Mr.Jack’ss Sports Bar and Grill. We decided to try a grilled sandwich. I had the Raspberry Grilled Chicken sandwich. It was delicious.


The bread was like pizza dough grilled and then brushed with parmesan cheese and garlic and herbs. Then stuffed with grilled chicken and feta cheese and lettuce along with a raspberry vinaigrette. This sandwich was good. I would only change one thing. I would have use real grilled chicken not the Gordon Food version of grilled chicken. Other wise is was good. While we were eating we felt sprinkles so we decide we should head back home as soon as we were finished.

When we reached our boat on the docks we ran into one of Jon’s friends. He was leaving too. So we took off from Tawas back to Bay City and the water was rough. The waves were like 4 foot waves.

Here is a picture on Jon’s friend.


You can see the waves are starting to pick up. Needless to say we it took us four hours to get home and the waves pounded us all the way back home. My back and butt was so sore but it was worth it to spend time in Tawas City.


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