Weekend at Suttons Bay, Michigan

So this weekend Jon and I went to Suttons Bay, Michigan. We stayed on our boat for the weekend in Suttons Bay Harbor.DSC_0001


I must say that this by far in all our boating adventures was my favorite Harbor to stay at. The people working in the Harbor were friendly and very helpful. The town is full of activity and things to do. We arrived late Thursday night so Friday it was foggy but yet the water was very calm so we decided to go to Charlevoix, Mi. which was by boat around 1.5 hours away from Suttons Bay. Here is a shot of the Charlevoix harbor.


We spent the afternoon shopping and having lunch. Then we headed back to Suttons Bay and the water was very chopping on the way back. Yikes my bottom still hurts from all the pounding.

Saturday we went to Old Mission Lighthouse in the morning and hit some wineries on the way there and I picked up some of my most favorite wine. It comes from Pennisula Cellars and it is called Homework. You must try it. It is a sweet wine and so good.

At Old Mission Lighthouse Jon and I found a couple who would take our picture on this huge stone in the midst of where Lake Michigan should be at but the water level is so low we could sit on it. Plus you can see how foggy it was that morning.


But on the way back home we stopped by Jolly Pumpkin Resturant and Brewery for Lunch. I love adult versions of mac and cheese and I am hear to tell you Jolly Pumpkin got it right. It was the best Adult Mac and Cheese that I have ever tasted. IMG_20130622_133507_403

It has fried pancetta and three cheeses and Parmesan crunch added to the top. I will be making my own version of this soon. I will post as soon as I figure out what the three cheeses are. It was so creamy and the pancetta added just the right amount of salt to the dish. I was in heaven.

Overall we had a great weekend on the boat, enjoyed some great food, and even got some sun. I even bought a kitchen souvenir which when it ships I will show you and brag it up.

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