My Version of Village Cheese Shanty’s The Bear Sandwich

Last year Jon and I were on a boat trip with some great friends in Leland Michigan. In the harbor at Leland is this fantastic sandwich shop called Village Cheese Shanty. Jon and I absolutely love their sandwich called the Bear. It has so many elements to this sandwich that I need to have more to figure it out completely. You have to try this sandwich. It is the perfect summer time lunch. Here is my version of the Bear.

I found pretzel rolls at our local Meijer but they did not have salt on top. This is a must for this sandwich trust me. So what I did was take the pretzels and brushed the tops with a egg white wash ( which is basically taking a egg white and beating it with a fork) then sprinkle course sea salt and put in oven at 350 degrees for about 5 minutes nothing more or you will dry the pretzel rolls out.




While the pretzel rolls are in the oven mix up some herb mayonaise. It is easy trust me but if you are going to use dry herbs make it a day ahead of time. I am fortunate to have fresh herbs so I just whipped some up.  For the mayonaise I take about 4 tablespoons of mayo and then added my fresh herbs. I used sage, rosemary, basil, garlic chives and chives.



Chop your herbs and stir so simple.

Slice some cucumbers.



I used deli turkey and I bought a small package of soft Brie.



Ok the pretzel rolls are out of the oven and are ready to assemble. This how I created it but you can assemble it however you want.

1. Spread the herb mayo on the bottom half of the roll.

2. Put a layer of Cucumber slices.

3. Add the turkey.

4. Add a layer of spinach leaves.

5. Then the cut the brie and add the slices on top.

There you have it. So simple but so delicious.



Jon and I enjoyed them with a nice glass of Banrock Moscato on our back patio. I could not finish two but I so tried.


I think Jon loved them.


2 thoughts on “My Version of Village Cheese Shanty’s The Bear Sandwich

  1. Thanks for the excellent post. We are attempting our home version of the North Shore tonight and wondered about the ingredients for the herb mayo.

    1. I used fresh herbs from my garden. In my post I described what herbs I had used that day. But you can used any herbs that you like. Just chop and throw them in about 1/2 cup of Mayo.

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