Healthy Green Juice

Healthy Green Juice


So I just want to start out by saying I can no longer say “I do not win at contests.” A week ago I enter to win a Breville Juicer from one of our local kitchen supply stores in Midland, Mi. Peel n’ Pare. It was a Facebook contest that involved them reaching a 1000 likes. If you shared the picture of the Breville Juice Fountain Plus you were entered to win.
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So last Saturday they hit 1000 likes and on Monday they were going to pick the winner.  I logged onto to Facebook that night and walked away and when I came back I had a notification from Peel n’Pare that I was the winner. I had to read it twice. I was so excited that I had to have Jon my husband read it to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things.  I actually won something.  So Tuesday after work I of course went to Peel n’ Pare to pick up my new juicer.  All week I was reading up on the manual and cleaned it before I was to use it.  I searched the web for juicing recipes.  So this morning I was so excited to wake up and try my new juicer.  Here is a recipe I adapted from so many recipes I could not name them all.


Healthy Green Juice

1 Green Apple

½ Lemon

1 Cucumber

3 stalks of Celery

1 Handful of Spinach


I put everything in my juicer except the lemon because I was too lazy to peel the lemon. I juiced the lemon the old fashion way with a manual juicer.  Stir and enjoy.  It tasted like cool apple lemonade. I not sure if you ever tried Cucumber water but it had a slight hint of cucumber water too.  I am so excited to master more recipes with my juicer.

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