M.I.A. and Keto Diet

I have been MIA from blogging. It has taken me almost a year to get back. I think this is therapy for me. So why haven’t I blogged lately? Well let’s say that 2017 was not my year. Jon and I had such a bad year. First thing Jon’s back went out and was in the hospital during my dad’s last days. So thankful for his sister Janis for staying with Jon so I could be with my dad.


My dad passed away in April 2017.

August of 2017 our basement flooded, and we lost the entire contents of our basement.

October 2017 Jon’s dad Paul was taking Jon’s nephew for a helicopter ride for his 16th birthday and the helicopter crashed, and Jon’s dad was killed instantly. Jon’s nephew is ok, but the family is stilling dealing with the loss of Paul.


Three weeks later we had to put down our beloved lab Joey. It seems like death does come in three.


That is why I haven’t blogged lately. What brings me back to blogging today? Well, let me tell you. It starts with I missed a very important event today. Here is the story behind today.

Ever wonder if the decks are stacked against you. I am feeling this way today. I struggle with my weight. I have for many years. There are many reasons for this but not enough to be an excuse. I had a full hysterectomy a few years ago. Because of my sister who passed away from breast cancer I choose not to do hormone replacement therapy. I had my gall bladder removed because it just plain stop working. I sit at a desk all day. I had a terrible year last year. I have multiple things that I could use as excuse. I just don’t want to anymore. I have been doing the Keto Diet for about two months now. Today I must stop. My body just does not like it. This is where I am at today. Trying to figure out why. This leaves me wondering because today I missed a very important event because I was dealing with problems from this diet. I have lost 13 pounds on Keto and I would continue except for that my body and my doctor are telling me to stop. I had some severe side effects from this diet. This diet does not work for everyone. I did learn some very good information and that I will continue to use. So, what now?

I could not do this without my husband and some awesome cheerleaders in my corner. I will continue to use the information I learned from Keto but also follow my doctor’s instructions. Eat a healthy breakfast every day, weigh myself twice a week and workout an hour and half every day. Vegetables and a fruit for every meal along with some protein. No processed foods. Try, try, try again. Right. So, do you have people in your corner to cheer you on? I hope so because when I missed the event today I was so upset. My cheerleaders made sure I was ok. I am so thankful that I have cheerleaders, support, and people making sure you are ok on the days they know are hard for you.

Let me tell you what the event was that I missed today. Today was a Pancake breakfast for the EAA Chapter 1093. Paul Jon’s dad served breakfast for this chapter and the family wanted to continue in Paul’s shoes. Helicopters and planes flew in to show the kids. Paul loved doing this. It amazes me how Jon’s family honors our dad. Here is Jon, Janis (Jon’s sister) and Mike( Jon’s Brother in law) at the pancake breakfast today.



Let your love ones know you love them.  EVERYDAY! Miss you Dad and Miss you Paul and Miss you Joey! All three of you left a hole to big to fill.



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