Bacon Wrapped Provolone and Mushroom Stuffed Meatloaf


I was scrolling thru Facebook the other day and saw this Bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe with peppers and onions stuffed in it. I thought to myself that looks amazing. But what if instead of the peppers and onions we use mushrooms. So here is my take on the Bacon wrapped stuffed meatloaf.
First you want to sauté your mushrooms so that are cool when you put your Meatloaf together. I used butter on the mushrooms to add flavor and salt to draw out the moisture and for flavor.


Then you mix your meatloaf. I like to use the pork, veal and beef mixture for my meatloaf. Then I add one egg, chopped onions, garlic and all-season salt, panko crumbs.


Mix that all together.
Flatten the mixture on a cookie sheet under foil to a rectangle.


Add provolone cheese slices.


Then on top of the cheese add your cooled mushrooms.


Then using the foil start rolling it up until the end.


Lay your bacon out on foil the same way start rolling it up again.


Ok I was really excited to make this I forgot to take a picture of it wrapped in bacon before baking it.

But here is the after picture.


Now when I make this again I will not use thick bacon. The reason why is because it was a little to chewy for me I like my bacon crisp. I am thinking thin bacon would work better.

Then end result was amazing. I will definitely be making this again.


Bacon Wrapped Provolone and Mushroom Stuffed Meatloaf

1 pound of veal, pork and ground beef mix

1 pound of bacon… use thin not thick.

1 egg

1/2  tsp of garlic salt

1/2 tsp of all season salt

1 cup of panko crumbs

1/2 cup of chopped onion

7 slices of provolone cheese

1 package of baby cremini mushrooms

2 tsps. of butter


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