What did 2018 bring us?

What did 2018 bring us? Let me start out with that 2017 was a bad year and we needed a pick me up. Something or someone to bring joy to our lives.  In 2017 Jon and I lost both our dads and our beloved lab Joey.  Jon worked with his dad every day and he also took Joey with him to work every day.  When they both passed within 2 months of each other, Jon was depressed, and it was hard for him every day. But we had decided long before Joey passed that we would not get another dog. We did not want to worry about dog sitters to watch him while we boated or traveled.  Around January I just felt that Jon needed a buddy to go with him to work again. He just wasn’t himself. He needed that unconditional love that a dog provides. In January of 2018 I started the search for this unconditional love giver, joy bringer, and family member dog. Jon has always loved the look of the silver lab. I searched the internet for silver lab puppies in Michigan. I found three that I thought was the most reputable and showed them to Jon. He fell in love immediately and asked what I was doing to him since we said we would not get another dog. I then told him that he needed to have his buddy back and that it was alright for us to get a puppy he could love.  I saw tears in his eyes and since 2017 these tears were from joy not sadness. When I was showing him the three websites that had silver lab puppies, he was shocked to find out that one was from his Dad’s home town- Belding, Michigan. So that was our deciding point, we decided that this was the place we would get our unconditional love giver, joy bringer, and family member. Jon immediately email the owner of Rustic Sliver Labs and we were very happy to find out that they had English Silver labs and the summer of 2018 she was going to have two litters to choose from. We were fourth on the list to pick and we could not be happier. But the wait was so hard to do. We knew that we wanted another boy. We started to look forward to the day we would bring him home. Jon had for the first in a very long year smiled again. Through this process Candace Hall the owner of Rustic Silver Labs kept us in the loop about the process of the puppies. Once they were born, she immediately notified us. Few weeks later we were visiting the puppies not necessary there to pick one just to visit and see them. Candace showed us the litter that we would soon pick from. We were talking with her and telling her how this new puppy would go everywhere with us and Jon would take it to work every day. She then looks to her husband and says “should we show him”, and he said yes. She told us that a lady from the second litter could not take this puppy because she just found out that she had breast cancer and it would be too much for her. Now Jon loves the bigger, stockier labs and she knew this. She went to get this puppy, so as she placed this chubby silver puppy in Jon’s lap, I knew we found our unconditional love giver, joy bringer, and our new family member and his name would be Captain.

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