Life Vests and ICD


I think what scares me the most about my heart scare is that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. It was a true wake up call to live everyday like it is your last. It did however “wake me up” so to speak. I am now fully aware that I am not invincible.

In the past three months I have been to many doctor’s visits, many blood draws, and several visits to the Heart Failure Clinic. I am now wearing a Life Vest. (A wearable defibrillator, which means if my heart decides to stop working this will give me a shock to get it started again.) I have been told that I can walk now but that is the only work out I can do until I get my echo done.  I have wonderful people working in the Heart Failure Clinic that hold nothing back from me. Which I love. Be honest with me and let me know what is going on with me.  I know that I have a few things against me. I know that once your heart is at 30-35% you are at risk for Cardiac Arrest. Which is why I am wearing a Life Vest. I know now that I will be on heart medicine for the rest of my life.

Let’s just talk about this Life Vest for a minute. The life vest is very uncomfortable for a woman. It is definitely made for man or someone who is flat chested. But I have to say wearing it in the middle of summer is no fun also. It fits snug to your chest and back so if it is hot out you are a sweaty Betty. Also they only give you two vests to change from so you are constantly washing them. But if it saves my life I will continue to wear it until I know where I stand.

What changes have I made in my life since my heart scare?

  • I have cut salt out of my diet. Trying to limit my salt intake to below 1500 mg.
  • I lost 32 pounds so far.
  • I am cutting sugar out of my life. Just have it occasionally.
  • Cut caffeine out.
  • Take my blood pressure twice a day and weigh myself daily.
  • Trying to find time to relax and stop to smell the roses.

What are my hopes in the coming months?

  • One that when I have my partial echo on Aug 1 that my EF rate is above 30-35%. 
  • Two if it is not over the 35% that I get the implanted version of the life vest called an ICD so that I can take the vest off. 

What are my future plans regarding my health?

  • Take a mediation class to calm my thoughts
  • Walk every day
  • Keep up with blood pressure readings and weighing myself.
  • Keep learning how to eliminate salt from my diet.
  • Try to stay positive in every situation.

So remember to stop and smell the roses. Don’t wait for tomorrow for what you can do today. Tomorrow is not promised.

Here are so more informational links.

Life Vest




2 thoughts on “Life Vests and ICD

  1. Keep up the fight. You’re doing everything right. It’s definitely hard to believe how much effect sodium has on our health but we’re both proof of that fact for sure. I thank God for my wake up call, some people never get a second chance. I’m praying that God heals your heart and blesses you with a healthy long life. ❤️

    1. Thank you Randy! I know that you and I will be forever changed since our wake up calls. I truly didn’t realize how much salt was in EVERYTHING. I am glad I have a chance to wake up and smell the roses everyday! Praying for you also Randy!

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