Shrimp Veggie Pasta

I am now on a no salt diet. I have been trying to create some new recipes that excludes salt completely or has little salt in them. I am adding a Low Salt category to my recipes. This way you can still get my old recipes.  Trust me it is not easy. Salt is in everything. EVERYTHING! Did you know that a teaspoon of salt has 2325mg. of sodium? My daily intake is less than 1500mg. I have a savory tongue and it has been hard for me to get rid of the salt. But after months of no salt I am getting used to it. I have come to rely on lime and lemon juice to add flavor.

Here is a recipe that is easy and has low salt.  This makes 3 servings or 4 if you want smaller servings. But for the 3 servings it has 418mg of salt a serving. If you want to make this a no salt recipe just exclude the pasta. The lime juice makes if fresh, the carrots make it sweet and the seasoning makes it savory. A perfect combo.

Start by sauteing your carrots.

Next slice your onions and zucchini. Then add those to the carrots.

Add your cooked pasta.

Defrost your shrimp and pull tails off. Then add those to the pan. If you find your ingredients are sticking to the pan just add some of your pasta water. Just a litte at a time.

Mince your garlic and then add that to the shrimp and veggies. Along with seasonings. I use this Oregano Basil Tomato seasoning that my girlfriend bought me for my birthday. No Salt added. Then just squeeze a half a lime into the ingredients and stir.

And that leaves you with a delicious dinner. This feeds Jon and I for dinner and gives me a lunch for work.


Shrimp Veggie Pasta

1 pound of frozen shrimp (I use the jumbo shrimp)

2 medium carrots

1 small zuccini

1/2 a sweet onion

1 1/2 cups of cooked pasta

3 cloves of garlic

2 tsp of olive oil

2 Tbsp of Oregano, Basil Tomato seasoning

1/2 lime juiced

Start by slicing your carrots in circles. Saute your carrots for about 5 minutes in the olive oil. Then add your onions and zucccini. Add your cooked pasta, minced garlic and seasoning. Just before it is done add the lime juice and then enjoy.


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