New Blog Name

Here is the story of why I am changing my blog’s name. I am changing my blog from Sassy and Savory to My No Salt Life. 2019 has brought two big changes to my life. A struggle and a blessing. Let’s start of with the negative and finish on a positive note.

The struggle for me started back in April when I had a virus attack my heart causing heart failure. Heart failure means that your heart is not operating at full strength. Mine was at 30-35% when I first came out of the hospital. Three months later I was at 35%-40%. But now because I have been labeled with heart failure I need to be on medicine for the rest of my life and must lower my sodium intake to 1500mg or below a day. This is where the struggle comes in. I struggled because I am used to making dinner on a whim and flying by the seat of my pants. Throw this and that in a recipe without thinking about how much sodium is in it. The other struggle was to find recipes that was delicious but low sodium. Sure, you can buy books on low sodium, but I have found that the taste is often not there from those books. So, I searched for fellow bloggers that were low sodium. What did I find? Not much. Just a few bloggers that were low sodium. I was sad and disappointed that there is really nothing new out there for us Low Sodium people. So here I am changing my blog and promising that the recipes I will post now will be low sodium and delicious. Hopefully this help others in the same boat as I am. Yes, there is a learning curve for your taste buds to adapt to low sodium, but it doesn’t mean that your food can’t be delicious until you get there or after.

Ok now for the blessing. What blessing did 2019 bring me? That is an easy answer. My blessing is that I have a whole new look at life. There is a reason why I am still here to share my life and my story. I may not know what that reason is right now, but I am excited to find out. I am blessed to find out what life God has in store for me. I am blessed to turn 50 this year. I will no longer regret any birthday. I will celebrate them all.

Here is my plan for my blog. I will be separating my recipes from Sassy and Savory so that you will still have access to them. They will be under the category Sassy and Savory. I will keep my rants and raves as a category. I will be adding categories as I add recipes, but I am going to add one soon that will be reviews. This will hold my reviews on products that are low sodium.

Stay tuned many changes are coming.


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