About Me


My name is Amy. I am married to a very handsome man named Jon. We will be married for 16 years in July 2019. We are empty-nesters. We have two children, Ashley and Andrew. Ashley graduated from the University of Michigan with her Masters Degree and now living in New Jersey attending Princeton. Soon to graduate with Master of Divinity. Andrew graduated from Ferris State University , got married to my Daughter-in-Law Corina and now lives San Diego, California.

I love cooking, reading, music and so many television shows that it probably just easier to say I am a TV nut. In April of 2019 I had a virus attack my heart, went into the ER and two weeks later my life changed forever. I was diagnosed with heart failure and will be on medicine for the rest of my life. Plus I am now on a Low Sodium diet. So that changes how I cook, how I live, and how I enjoy food now.

I am starting this blog for two reasons. One to share my life with you. All aspects of my life. The good the bad and the in between. All recipes on this site will be low sodium. You will find my older recipes from my blog before the virus hit on here for a short time under Sassy and Savory. These recipes on not low sodium so don’t get confused.



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Congratulation on the beginning of your blog! I am glad to have come across it and am very much looking forward to reading more! I love the sun, the water, cooking for the people I love and a good glass of wine so we are off to a great start! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Danielle! I am glad you like it. Just took a look at Welcome Company. I will be following you as well. You had me a your post Sacred Table.

  2. I never got to know you, as you and Joel were born later in my relationship with Lillian. I loved Lillian and even though we drifted apart as I went off to college and she stayed and got married and had her kids, she has always had a special place in my heart. I will miss her…

    1. Debbie, Thank you so much for loving my sister and being her friend. I do remember you from when I was a kid and you used to come to her house to see her. I missed you at the funeral. I miss her every day!

  3. Hi Amy! It’s Sarah McArthur from Sem. I just found out you had a food blog through Patty. How fun! I love cooking also, but haven’t posted to my blog in about a year. Maybe I’ll start up again. Nice to see you! Can’t wait to check out your recipes!

    1. Nice to hear from you Sarah!!! I am so glad to catch up with you through our blogs. I am definitely going to start following your blog as well.

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